Seven at One Blow

The Brothers Grimm story ‘The Valiant Little Tailor’ is a fairy tale based on perception and wits. It’s worth re-reading if you have a small business, because it is a parable for business.

In the story, a tailor kills seven flies at one blow and makes a belt with this moniker. Others assume the ‘seven’ are men, which sets off a story in which the tailor is beset by challenges involving giants, armies and a king. He continues to outwit others throughout the tale.

If you feel outmatched by giants, there are ways to level the playing field. It all starts with you, and your wits. The internet is a great equalizer in this case. Let’s focus on something more specific: social media. In fact, let’s get extremely specific, and start with Twitter.

If the thought of social media seems daunting, take a second look. It’s a tool that enables to you connect with millions of people. Your tribe is already there – it just takes effort to find them, attract them, and most of all, to help them. It’s a wonderful place where you can demonstrate value and be rewarded.

It only costs your time and requires your wits.

Look for my next post where I will explain the basics of engaging on Twitter as a small business.

About The Author

Jeanie Walker
Longtime brand and marketing professional with a special fondness for delivering the best customer experience design and a zest for helping local companies build strong communities.