Stage Two of Business

Time for your startup to grow fast.

Your brand story is killer. You know your audience cold. Your offer and pricing are pitch-perfect.

What you need now is volume. And that presents a new set of challenges:

– Choosing effective channel partners
– Building the right automations
– Growing a producing sales force
– Delivering your offerings in volume

The ultimate question is: can it scale?

Let's Scale

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You’re going to need a bigger lasso

This isn’t your first rodeo. You need to scale massively.

Getting out of the startup stage fast is your top priority. I’m your growth partner guiding you through:

– Amplifying your brand
– Building sales through channel partners
– Refining your offer across multiple markets
– Deploying high profile national or global campaigns
– Finding experienced resources to manage distinct areas of business
– Becoming the force of nature you envisioned when you started

Avoid the freefall

…because less was invested in acceleration
…because fewer markets were secured
…because too many or too few systems turned into barriers

There’s no going back to stage one. Let’s make sure you scale.

River Dog Digital guides founders off the plateau and into growth

Founders in stage two need successful strategies to push boundaries and create sales volume. I’m your sherpa packing along delight and creativity along the way. Because if you’re not having fun climbing, what’s the point?

What your next stage looks like:

You have the choice to level up or sell because your company now:

– Steamrolls competitors with a better story
– Attracts accounts that 10x growth
– Positions your brand as a leader
– Delivers on its promises
– Has rock solid industry partners

Grow through your second stage of business fast.

Stage one business growth process

We’ll talk about your vision, your setup, and where you’re stuck.

Your needs determine precisely what marketing levers we’ll pull. Get an analysis of your brand, offering, pricing, niche audience, messaging, and promotions. We’ll block and tackle the basics, pivot as needed, and fine-tune your growth engine.

Ramp-up times are different for each business and founder. An average of ninety days to six months is recommended but you can start, stop, or pause anytime.

Projects in Stage One Business

Brand Story

Audience Research

Market Positioning

Channel Targeting

Pricing Model

Customer Experience Design

Go To Market Strategy


Simple Workflows

Add as many requests as you like and prioritize them in any order. I’ll respond within a few minutes. 

Items are done one at a time with a guaranteed start time within 48 hours (Monday-Thursday). You have one review round. Approve as is, or with edits. 

Most items are done in one-week sprints. Low-complexity tasks (social media posts, emails, or copy fixes on a web page) are often completed within one to three days. That’s how we knock out the work fast and without the need for meetings.

All work, no bloat, and faster results.

Unlimited Access

I’m here for you when you need it. Sometimes a brainstorm or pivot needs to be figured out fast. Your time and mine are immensely valuable so let’s make sure we’re in sync with any adjustments to your plan.

Post a message or give me a call and I’ll respond ASAP.

Powerful Options

You’re in luck. With 20+ years of entrepreneurship and startup marketing experience, you have access to a ton of skillsets we can apply to create your next-level business.

I’m certified in several areas of digital marketing: Google Ads, Mailchimp, SEMRush, and more.

More importantly, I’ve built successful plans and delivered results for startups since 2006.

Easy to Start, Pause, Stop

Things change, so feel free to put the brakes on whenever you need to. When you’re ready to start again, your task list, comments, and past project history will be ready for you to pick up right where we left off.

Power up the work with an upgrade in services when you’re ready. Due to the nature of the work, no refunds are available. River Dog Digital stands by its work and a ‘we’ll fix it’ policy goes into effect for any typos or similar errors. I want you to be 100% thrilled with the work provided. After all, this is the first stage of your business.

My goal is to work with you through stages one and two.

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