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Need a little marketing snack? Start fast with these tasty marketing services.


One blog post can attract leads indefinitely. Now imagine publishing high-value information every week or every month. Posting regularly is a fantastic way of expanding your buyer pool and can be ten times more effective and affordable than Google Ads. Ask me how!


Email is a way to relate to people. Create short, helpful messages that inspire them to meet their needs. Give customers tips, hints, or show them how to help themselves. Let’s talk about your email marketing plan today.


With AI (Artificial Intelligence) entering the mix, it’s critical to use correct processes to stay within acceptable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Focus on what matters to your customers and build your site SEO around current best practices to gain strong rankings in Google search results.


Case studies are excellent lead tools. They showcase how you need customer needs. These are powerful tools that help shoppers understand your approach and successes.


Google Ads definitely have their place. For those with a long-term goal, Google Ads are a necessary part of the search landscape. I’ve been creating Google Ads for nearly twenty years, and in a brief conversation, I can help you decide if this investment makes sense for your business.


Let’s talk about what is in your “marketing cabinet.” Step out of the old-school brochure into something more interactive and engaging. Ask about how we can bring your marketing materials into a digital experience that people appreciate and use.


When a customer buys from you, that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. There’s more to the sale than the sale when it comes to building strong customer loyalty. Ask about our programs and let’s talk about what your customers really need from you.


There’s usually more to a landing page than the landing page. There’s a content plan, a visitor flow, follow-up messaging, and retargeting activities that all get baked into one seemingly simple page. Ask how I can perk up your buyer pool with a lead magnet or landing page.


Get the marketing chops and business guidance you need to take your company to its next stage. Let’s have a blast boosting your bottom line.

Curious how River Dog Digital delivers small business growth?

Read the Crystal Rainier Retreat customer loyalty success story and see how our client saved time and money during the “dead season.”

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Marketing Services FAQs

I’ve tried to figure marketing out but it’s a distraction. I’m frustrated and overwhelmed trying different marketing tactics. How can you help?


Imagine someone can step in, lend a hand, and help you get it done – and all with the kind of collaboration that works.

I’ll develop a plan that fits your needs. The details are created and prioritized based on your goals and your unique offering to the world. The fancy marketing word for this is positioning, but it all comes down to making your core competencies shine, so you can do your thing without tying yourself in knots trying to be five things at once.

The time you’ll spend with me will be focused on the growth of your business, not trying to learn how to be a data scientist, an SEO expert, or anything other than what you do best.


I can’t invest in a full-time marketing resource. How can you generate results for my business?


If you’re a small business owner, it’s entirely reasonable that you don’t need a full-time marketing professional. We’ll explore your business goals and timing – and yes, budget.

With an understanding of where you want to go, we’ll build a plan together that is manageable and, wherever possible, measurable.

You’ll have a formula we’ll use that is a perfect fit for your business so you can see how your marketing dollars support growth.


I’ve already started some marketing projects. What should I do?


Let’s talk about what you’ve been doing with your marketing efforts. If they are showing signs of progress, we may need to fine-tune them.

For other efforts, we may need to retire them altogether. On our discovery call, we’ll discuss the details to understand if a continuing investment makes sense, or if it’s time to let some projects go.


I definitely need advice, but I also need a hands-on marketer who delivers. Do you just offer marketing consulting, or do you provide the services, too?


In many cases, I advise and perform the work. Our work together requires collaboration because you are the expert on your offering and I am the expert at finding your audience and promoting your offering.

The marketing services you need can expand and contract depending on your budget and the goals we are working toward.

Take a peek above for a list of services I can provide in addition to business consulting.