Lift the Veil off Your Competitors

If you’re a DIYer on a shoestring budget, this powerhouse of a tool serves up critical insights to your PPC game. River Dog Marketing usually doesn’t offer PPC services (there are exceptions), because there’s so much more great marketing to be done first before randomly throwing ads at people.

However, if you’re committed to PPC, then this tool is for you.

ispionage logo

The free version of iSpionage shows your competitor key words, their landing pages and more. We’ll take you on a brief tour, but you’ll want to check it out – there’s loads more to this tool.

After you sign up, click the Competitor Alert under Competitor Research.

iSpionage competitor alert selection

The free version allows up to three competitor URLs.

iSpionage 3 competitor alerts

Notice in the Competitor Alert box, it will default to the first competitor URL you submitted.

iSpionage competitor alert landing page

As you scroll down, you now have a window into what keywords the competitor is using and how each is performing. From an overview to detailed breakdowns, you get an amazing view into your competitor’s keyword focus, and how those words are working for them. You even get a glimpse of what PCC budget you’ll need to compete head-to-head.

iSpionage competitor alert dashboard

We love this tool because it gives you insights about your competitors’ content and your own. Take a page from these signals – they point you to content opportunities, and hint at ways to be competitive organically without spending a dime on PPC.

iSpionage competitor list and spending

Write relevant content using those search terms. Beef up your blogs, your social presence and more.

iSpionage competitor keyword performance

You can even see how competitors match up against each other, and where there is overlap.

iSpionage compare competitors graphs

By being able to see the example of your competitors’ keyword activities and performances, you’ll understand how their strategy is working for them, and what you can apply to your own content. It’s one of the many tools we use every day to stay on top of our clients’ content needs. We hope you find it as valuable as we do!

About The Author

Jeanie Walker
Jeanie Walker is a marketing advisor who has worked with Fortune 10, startups, and small businesses for 25+ years. Her mission is to take small businesses to the next stage of growth thereby strengthening communities, competition, and freedom of choice. From lead generation to operational structure, Jeanie drives revenue opportunities for growing businesses.