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Six-Week Masterclass: Building Revenue

Effective promotions
without the complexity.

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Start Growing in Six Short Weeks.

Recurring Revenues Masterclass

Keep customers aware, engaged, and loyal.

It costs at least five times more to attract new customers. Then there’s the time it takes to entertain, educate, and persuade them to buy from you.

Find out what you can do to keep customers buying without exhausting your capital. Learn how to think about tools that benefit you, not just the provider. Get practical insights from an experienced marketing professional and start growing your business from the very first session.

The Power of Expressing Your Vision

Have a blast boosting your bottom line

Common traits of entrepreneurs who join the class are curiosity, passion, and community. Many come into the group worried and overwhelmed. They’re tired and they’ve been isolated just doing their thing. Bringing people together who all have been through building a business is revitalizing. Bootstrapping can be a great way of building revenues, but not everyone understands the power of brand amplification and how synchronizing different ways of outreach can act like superglue for your services and products. This course has been thoughtfully created to replace the overwhelm with relief, confidence, and the focus necessary for the next chapter in your business.

Livestream Sessions & Open Conversations

Six events with screen sharing, chat, and lively discussions

These classes are designed to inspire ideas and connections. While Jeanie will be sharing best practices for revenue growth, another huge value comes from the group itself as everyone shares what they’ve learned promoting their businesses. We do round-robin pairing on quick week-long projects so everyone gets a chance to work with each other. At the end of the program, you’ll be enriched with new friendships, some powerful promotion tools, and a renewed sense of joy as a proud entrepreneur.

Week 1 | 12pm Pacific

Inventory, organize, and manage your marketing efforts

What 30 minutes every morning will do for your business

Week 2 | 12pm Pacific

Create your value statement

What it is, why it matters, and who should care

Week 3 | 12pm Pacific

Use your customer data

Simple ways to tag your customers to increase engagement

Week 4 | 12pm Pacific

Content planning

Simple ways you can speak your truth and help others without blowback from the SEO cops

Week 5 | 12pm Pacific

Protect your reputation online

Learn the best practices for responding publicly and privately

Week 6 | 12pm Pacific

Time your messaging

Setup a calendar of topics and offers that brings focus to your outreach


Get the practical guidance you need to take your company to its next stage and rediscover the joy of running your business.

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Small Business Growth Group time commitment: 2 hours per week

This class is conveniently scheduled as a working lunch session, starting promptly at 12:00pm – 1:00pm every Thursday for six weeks. Any homework items are due Wednesdays by the close of business.

  • Live class time: 45 minutes per class, 1 class per week for 6 weeks
  • Weekly homework: 30-45 minutes minimum per week

Small Business Growth Group FAQs

Is there any travel?


These classes are 100% virtual.

Owners of small businesses have limited time. The River Dog Growth Group is specifically designed for business owners who are willing to roll their sleeves up and do the work so they understand firsthand how to manage their business growth. Some may choose to hand off the work to a part-time or junior marketing person, but the owners themselves have enough understanding to guide an employee or do the work themselves.

Participate from your office or home base. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you’re in. It is strongly recommended not to participate via phone or tablet. Instead, find a quiet office environment and use your computer and preferably, a full-size screen.


Can a staff member join me?


This masterclass headcount is specifically limited to six business owners. You will be paired with an entrepreneur just like you. Together you will become accountability and creative brainstorming partners. This is your opportunity to start a totally different kind of peer network.

If you want to include a staff member, ask Jeanie via to learn if there is an opportunity to include your person. The two of you learning at the same rate is a great way to reinforce learning and move forward faster together. If there is room, the cost for additional staff is the same rate.


What if I don’t have a website or email marketing setup yet?


No problem. This class will inform you of the options and known drawbacks of email, SEO, website, social media, and other marketing tools.


Why is the Small Business Growth Group limited to six owners?


Don’t be shy! This group is intentionally limited so everyone can be served and connect in a meaningful way. The expectation is you will provide as much advice, learning, and support as you get from the others in the group. By creating a safe space for transparency, trust in each other builds as the course progresses.

This keeps distractions to a minimum while allowing an open exchange of information among the participants.