Rank #1 on Google!


The marketing industry has a tough reputation. Every day, we – people in the marketing industry – are afflicted with sleazy, underhanded, annoying moves dreamed up by some genius following a corporate boilerplate template. We know business owners are besieged by a litany of some of the lowest slimeball tactics out there.

River Dog Marketing is based on being the adversary of scam tactics, so we thought we’d share some of the worst offenders in this series “Creepy Marketing Tactics.”

Let the games begin…

“Hello! May I speak with you? We’re partnering with Google and will get you to rank #1 on Google!”

Ugh. Please, just hang up. These companies cold call business owners, insinuating they are a partner of or actually from Google. For as low as $20, if you’ll just sign up for their basic plan, they’ll “take care” of your search engine ranking needs. What’s your credit card number?

Bullshit. They unquestionably are NOT associated with Google in any way. Unfortunately, this snake oil salesmanship is akin to the Nigerian Prince email, and business owners fall for it. Google is fighting against this scam, however, there are actual agencies and single marketing operators who hint that they can make this happen. Don’t walk away, run!

About The Author

Jeanie Walker
Jeanie Walker is a marketing advisor who has worked with Fortune 10, startups, and small businesses for 25+ years. Her mission is to take small businesses to the next stage of growth thereby strengthening communities, competition, and freedom of choice. From lead generation to operational structure, Jeanie drives revenue opportunities for growing businesses.