''I Couldn't Survive without my website.''

“Two months after the site was live, their keywords put our website in the first page, first position.

Enter ‘lien’ on a mobile phone and our site comes up on top organically.

The way our site is designed, people are comfortable maneuvering through it. It’s easy and intuitive.”

– Ken Martin, Northwest Lien Service

From Invisible to Beacon

We took on a next-generation web project.

The site needed to dominate organic search results while providing an elegant, simple experience for visitors.

Here’s the story of how one local business grew its online presence almost overnight.

The Situation

Founded in 1996, Northwest Lien Service struggled with online visibility.

The original site lacked detail customers needed. It wasn’t fully optimized for search engine crawlers. It wasn’t mobile-friendly. There was no eCommerce.

By 2013, the company needed to upgrade its web presence entirely.

The Challenge

The relaunched website was to have an uncluttered, approachable, professional feel while providing intuitive user paths.

The client needed a website designed for mobile customer use and optimized for search results.

This project required a fresh approach to layout, mobile design, content, and targeted search engine optimization.

The Solution

We reset visitor expectations by making a clean break from the old site experience.

We optimized the structure and engineered the content to guide visitors through the purchase process.

We revised the content to yield first position, page-one rankings from search engine site crawlers.

The Results

Within 60 days, the website ranked page one, first position for search results on Google for the client’s key phrases.

This led to a flood of new customers and the return of previous ones. Online sales took off and remain steady today.

The website has become our client’s primary revenue driver.

Zero Growth to Sales Hero

We love telling this story because local businesses benefit from smart web design.

Knowing how people interact with a site, what they want from it, how they need to decide—these are crucial elements of strategic design.

It’s the difference between struggling to make ends meet and making a mint.

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