''We absolutely love our website!''

“As a non-profit, our website is critical.

The control over booking veteran’s fishing trips and for accepting donations is truly awesome.

Our Quick Launch site is flat-out amazing.”

– Ryan Caldwell, Got Your 6 Fishing

A Website for Non-Techies

This Quick Launch Website program is critical for our client to manage donations, fishing trips, and special classes.

The project required the ability to move fast and to take complex actions and make them simple to use.

This is the story of how we created an ecommerce and reservations website that our client could confidently use.

The Situation

Got Your 6 Fishing is a non-profit that takes veterans, often disabled, on free fishing trips in Washington state.

We needed to build a striking and simple-to-handle site. In less than a month.

This is our client’s first website. It’s also a key tool that enables donors to support the cause, and veterans to book excursions.

The Challenge

Our client, himself a retired veteran, did not want to deal with complexity. He never managed a website.

We needed to strip this new site down to the basics; however, those basics do have complexity to them.

We had to build a striking website that functioned well on mobile devices and enabled reservations and donations.

The Solution

We researched the right tools and integrated them into the site.

We selected photos from trips to help tell the story. We wrote SEO-friendly content with an eye toward search results.

We hid distracting components so the client could focus only on those areas that he wished to oversee.

The Results

Donations are booming. Our client spends his days on the rivers fishing, not fighting software to run his non-profit.

Fishing trips are so popular, he’s booked solid. His website performance has gone sky high. Most of all, he’s in control of his digital presence.

Our non-tech client is doing a marvelous job managing his new website without assistance.

Creating a Donor Lifeline

The client loves his site.

It’s easy for donors and other veterans to use, and it shows. With solid donor and client activity, the site is performing beautifully.

Best of all, it is organized and streamlined in a way that works for our client.

Take your audience on a delightful adventure with the right website for your local business.

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