''We got our 10% back plus repeat bookings''

“Big brand middlemen were bleeding us dry, taking 10% of our bookings. We needed a way to take back that 10% and reinvest in the business.

These powerful programs put us in control.

Now we have active, targeted marketing that brings real business in the door.”

– Nathan Badgley, Crystal Rainier Retreat

Bringing Business Back to Life

We took on an incredible business challenge: breathe life into a dead season.

Here’s the story of how one tiny business resurrected commerce during a predictably inactive season.

The Situation

Crystal Rainier Retreat is a high-end boutique vacation rental that experienced strong seasonality swings.

The rental is popular and booked during the summer hiking and ski seasons, but there are no reservations during spring or fall.

They wanted to bring in business during the dead months.

The Challenge

It was imperative to reconnect with the company’s customer base.

Outreach during the fall and spring months had never been attempted. The business’ social media was inactive. Competition for Google ads in the hospitality industry is fierce.

The client needed to build a presence within a two-week window and see results.

The Solution

Industry research and analysis of the client’s website traffic provided a clear blueprint for the loyalty program.

We devised an immediate three-point plan that raised the online profile of the rental.

We launched a rigorous social media campaign, email VIP offers, and a targeted Google AdWords series.

The Results

Just two hours after the loyalty launch, a dormant customer booked a week’s stay. Return and new clients began calling.

The client saw a 328% jump in traffic while maintaining an impressive 20% bounce rate. Seventy-two percent of new visitors exhibited clear buying signals.

By driving traffic directly to the client website, the client was spared 10% booking fees.

Dormant to Bookings

We love telling this story. The one where a small local business beats the big brands.

Selecting the right program and acting fast meant the client saw success within two hours—and well after the campaign concluded.

Snatching those 10% booking fees back for the client is just one example of how we engineer small business growth.

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